Atelier Interior Design

Commercial and Residential Interior Design




The Design Atelier is a multi-disciplinary interior design studio specializing in Commercial and Residential projects. It was established in 2005 in New Delhi, India. We started our Canada Studio in 2015 and undertake projects in both India and Canada. Our Principal Designer Arunima Subramanium is a US Green Building Council certified LEED GA  and has a passion for environmental design.  We specialize in creating interiors that are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Every aspect of an interior like wall finishes, floorings, false ceilings, furniture is treated with special detail. Each project at  The Design Atelier tells a story like any work of art. Just as every brush stroke,  every stroke of the palette knife, every shade of  colour makes up a canvas, in our designs every line, form, every detail makes up a space.